Sustainable Whale Watching in Iceland 

Developments in Iceland to promote eco-friendly and sustainable whale watching!

As the end of commercial whaling in Iceland seems to be on its way, we took a look at the history of whaling and how recent political developments and public opinion have helped Iceland to promote eco-friendly and sustainable whale watching.

Over the last decade, the Icelandic government, NGO’s and local whale watching companies have worked together on establishing a code of conduct that promotes eco-friendly and sustainable whale watching whilst focusing on reducing whale meat consumption by locals and tourists. In 2022 there have been talks that commercial whaling in Iceland could be over by 2024.

But, don’t be fooled; there is still a large group of uninfomred people that consume whale meat during their travels. Thankfully, the “Meet us, don’t eat us” campaign is educating the public and there have already been several whale-friendly restaurants on the island that contribute to the ending of commercial whaling.

Take a look at our breakdown:

sustainable whale watching in iceland